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6 Weeks of Travel Part 1: New Zealand

Visiting New Zealand for 3 weeks was incredible and worth all of the long plane travel to get there!! Most people I talk to say that it's on their bucket list and tell me one day they hope to go. All I can say is MAKE IT HAPPEN! Everyone should go. Trust me, it's worth it. My roommate from college, Erin grew up on a dairy farm in Walton, New Zealand (which is about 10 minutes from where they filmed Hobbiton for The Lord of the Rings movies). I made this trip to visit with Erin and her family; it was such a gift to see where she grew up after only knowing her while she lived in the states. Right now Erin currently lives in Wellington, which is the southern most point of the north island of New Zealand. Wellington reminds me so much of San Francisco with its coastal, laid back vibes and bright colors. Traveling for me is always so hard to articulate into words. I could make a list of all the things I saw and did in NZ, but I'd rather just share some work that I made. Seeing is always better than describing for me ;) Enjoy!

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