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Lady Creatives: Work in Progress

Anna: Current hustle? (aka your profession right now. Please name your side hustles too if you have any ha.)

Eva: I'm hustling as a photographer. My side hustle is connecting with people who inspire me and writing poetry. 

Anna: What was your childhood aspiration growing up?

Eva: Growing up, I first wanted to be an astronomer and then I wanted to be an artist. I knew that I wanted the work I did to be synonymous with my life and my experiences. Of course, I didn't actually think that or understand that concept, but in hindsight I think the feelings I had could translate into this.  I've always been fascinated with the lives of others too. I wanted an excuse to be at the table with others, to talk to strangers, and being a photographer seemed to get me there. 

Anna: What are you currently inspired by?

Eva: Minimalism, gesture, the desert, plant life mysticism and spirituality. 

Anna: What have you learned this past year about your work and/or yourself? 

Eva: This past year has been a lot about evaluating the previous work I've made to the work I've made recently. I've been honing in on my purpose for making photographs and trying to better articulate the reasons. Through this process I've become more particular about which images will represent me. I take a lot of photographs I love and I think are good, but if they don't fit within my bigger vision, they don't make the cut. It's been liberating, and I think it's going to push me to make newer work more frequently. I won't be holding on to all these images anymore trying to make them fit...I become overwhelmed by abundance. 

Anna: Who are your top three heroes who have influenced you and/or your work over the years? 

Eva: Georgia O'Keeffe, Marina Abramovic, Wendell Berry

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