Anna Zajac | Wedding Photographer | Chicago + New York + Los Angeles + Worldwide



Hi & Hello! 

My name is Anna and at the heart of it all I'm a photographer living into the work I was made to do. If you've felt a connection with my work here are some things you should know:

1. For all of the planning, money & hard work that goes into your wedding day, you'll realize only after the fact that it goes by SO FAST. Making sure my couples set aside time to slow down and be present with each other is my secret to getting the honest candids that you see in my work. My job as a photographer is not just to make pretty photos, but also to create an atmosphere where my couples are enjoying the heck out of the moment and each other. I want their experience to be just as good as the visual memories I create. 

2. I live in Pilsen, Chicago and have traveled all over the world for weddings. In the past, work has taken me to places like Spain, New Zealand, and The Netherlands. I also take on about 10 to 12 weddings between LA and NYC every year. I love to travel and no location is too far!

3. I recently got engaged!! My fiance, Matt and I will be getting married in Joshua Tree, CA this April!! I couldn't be more excited to be on the other side of the camera :) We love riding our bikes, trying out new recipes and snuggling up with our cat, Isaiah any chance we can get. 

4. If you're interested in talking more please shoot me an email! I'd love to meet up in person or over FaceTime if you're a distance away! 

5. The best way to find out more about me and my day to day is through my instagram! (see below)